Pedalshift 100

Ladies and gentlemen… the century edition of The Pedalshift Project.

The 100th episode of the pod will be available as an on-demand podcast, just like the previous 099 (pour one out for the leading zero soon!). But, but, but…

Let’s have a party?

Where: Portland, Oregon, precise location TBA

When: Friday, December 1st 7pm til, y’know, whenever. If you can’t make it IRL… we’ll be doing a live stream of some of the meetup (really just a bunch of bike touring people hanging out, but whatevs) over at starting at 8pm PT.

What: At minimum we’re looking at adult beverages and hanging out (the kids call it a meetup).

Special guests: Of course. At least they’re invited. Also, YOU!

Look, do you know anything substantive about this? No. Let’s see how it all goes. It’s a meetup at a bar for crying out loud!

Hey, it’s the livestream!

The Pedalshift Project 100


More to come here, in the newsletter and the 090s editions of the pod.