C&O Towpath Water Sources

These are all of the water sources directly on the towpath. Note most are hand pumps of treated well water, with only a few “city water” taps. Almost all are unavailable from mid-November until the spring. Check the NPS website for the status of any of these ahead of your trip.

Lock 5 (MM 5)
Lock 10 (MM 8.8)
Carderock Recreation Area (MM 10.5)
Marsden Tract (MM 11.5)
Anglers Access (MM12.2)
Swains Campground (MM 16.7)
Seneca Creek/Rileys (MM 22)
Horsepen Branch Campsite (MM 26)
Chisel Branch Campsite (MM 30.5)
Turtle Run Campsite (MM 34.4)
Marble Quarrry Campsite (MM 38.2)
Indian Flats (MM 42.4)
Calico Rocks Campsite (MM 47.7)
Bald Eagle Island Campsite (MM 50.3)
Lock 34 (MM 61.5)
Huckleberry Hill Campsite (MM 62.9)
Antietam Creek Campground (MM 69.6)
Killiansburg Cave Campsite (MM 75.4)
Horseshoe Bend Campsite (MM 79.7)
Big Woods Campsite (MM 82.4)
Opequon Junction Campsite (MM 90.8)
Cumberland Valley Campsite (MM 95.2)
Jordan Junction Campsite (MM 101.2)
Four Locks Picnic Area (MM 108.9)
North Mountain Campsite (MM 109.2)
McCoys Ferry (MM 110)
Licking Creek Campsite (MM 116)
Little Pool Campsite (MM 120.7)
White Rock Campsite (MM 126.5)
Leopards Mill (MM 129.9)
Cacapon Junction (MM 133.6)
Indigo Neck (MM 139)
Fifteen Mile Creek Campground (MM 140.9)
Devils Alley (MM 144.5)
Stickpile Hill Campsite (MM 149.3)
Sorrel Ridge Campsite (MM 154.1)
Arbaugh (MM 155)
Paw Paw (MM 156)
Purslane Run Campsite (MM 157.4)
Town Creek (MM 162)
Potomac Forks (MM 165)
Pigmans Ferry (MM 169)
Spring Gap (MM 173)
Irons Mountain Campsite (MM 175.4)
Evitts Creek Campsite (MM 180)