Pedalshift 074 fast forward your bike tour

The Pedalshift Project 074: Fast forward your bike tour

On this topic show, we tackle one of my favorites… how to fast forward your bike tour. It’s your ride… make it the best you can … Read more

The Pedalshift Project 073: Yoga for bike touring

How do I class up this podcast? Easy… ask my better half to come on the show and chat up how great yoga is for … Read more

bike touring harpers ferryWhether you’re new to bicycle touring, or you’ve been at it for a while, Pedalshift is the place for bike touring lifestyle. The philosophy around here is all about sharing ideas and knowing that there isn’t only one way to do it. Global solo bicycle touring expeditions are amazing, but so are the weekend trips with your friends.

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So, that’s Pedalshift. From  tips and tricks, to ways to tour more. Self-supported or catered, solo or group,  overnight or expedition… it’s all good here. Let’s shrink the world by bike.