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The Pedalshift Project 029: Bicycle touring all 50 states?

Takeaways from the recent transit aided tour from DC to Boston, some amazing news from Amtrak plus… have you hit all 50 states bicycle touring?

psp029Hey it’s the direct download link for episode 029 (mp3)

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Digesting the transit-aided ride – takeaways:
– I love the Dahon (check out the review), but I’m getting a Brompton
– Transit in the NE US is pretty reliable (small sample size!)
– NYC, particularly 8th Avenue is a really challenging place to ride, but awesome.
– Just because you can do it doesn’t mean it’s a good tour
– Lighter and smaller FTW
– Wild camping is fun, but respect the space you choose.
– Not all people are asshats
– Using transit or trains is absolutely #notcheating
– Sleep is really important
– Always be prepared for someone to tell you “no”
– Bringing positivity to things is really important to me
– I’m going to use these lessons in a bigger tour next year

Amtrak brings us some great bicycle news

Amtrak trainAmtrak threw a curveball and is implementing roll aboard service on the Capitol Limited (CHI-DC)
– Unboxed bikes everywhere still not a reality
– What it means for GAP/C+O touring
– Cost is $25, which is about the same as baggage service if you bought a box from them
– “as soon as this week” to “next several weeks”
– Articles from Adventure Cycling, the Post Gazette, and the Herald Mail.


FOTS Eric Iverson asked me and a few others #howmanystatesivebikedin

My answer (after forgetting a few and amending) was 15: DC MD VA WV DE NY FL SC MT WA OR CA AZ CT PA

Who out there can beat that? And for my international listeners, #howmanycountriesivebikedin is waiting for you too! Chime in on Facebook, Twitter and the comments section below!


The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ new release, Habitat, wherever cool music resides. And hey, a video for Ghost!

Featured image (cc) Kevin G. Saunders on Flickr


  1. JohnnyK says:

    Wow I feel like it has been forever since an episode. I am so glad that you decided to produce another one 🙂 Anyway I am not sure if you know about this site You may have mentioned it before. As for Amtrak and their roll aboard option I think is really awesome even if I never use it. I think out of being polite to other riders you should probably still take small bikes and even fold up bikes whenever you can. I have biked in Fl and GA but no where else. I have planed over the Thanksgiving holiday I will be biking in Texas this year when Debbie and I go out to visit her Mom but I have only toured here in Florida. When I was in Georgia I was visiting family and went on a couple of bike rides. Well I really enjoyed listening and I can’t wait to hear from you again hopefully it won’t be as long hahaha Oh is just to mess with you and because you told us not to DC is not a state it’s just where all the politicians go to stay out of jail.

    • Tim Mooney says:

      How come I knew you’d be the “DC ain’t a state” guy? 😉 New shows every two weeks… I must have spoiled ya Johnny K!

      Folding Cyclist is a good site… just saw they showed Dahon’s new Brompton-esque model. Worth the look if you’re thinking folding bikes!

      Totally agree about being considerate of other riders. I folded my bike during any transit shuffle when it was next to me. The trick was buses… I think of it like bike lanes. There are people that think if there’s a bike lane you should always use the bike lane, and you’re being a dick if you take the lane. Thing is, in most states (DC included) there’s no requirement to use a bike lane and it’s perfectly legal to ride in the all traffic lanes. Similarly, since I have a folding bike I think I should be able to bring it aboard folded if I choose… it’s no bigger than a stroller or other foldable item. Just because there’s a bike rack, it shouldn’t be required that I rack it if my bike folds to a reasonable size that is similar to items other people are allowed to bring on board.

      Happy riding Johnny K!

      • JohnnyK says:

        Get some shoulder straps like a backpack and wear your folder. Maybe then they will let you bring it on the bus? If they say anything tell them it’s your backpack what can they say then? #AaronDoItDamnIt just saying @SprocketPodcast

  2. I recently came across your podcast and I have been “binge listening”, just listened to episode 029 and thought I would chime in on what states I have toured through.
    The summer of 2011 I did a tour across the country from NY-CA. My route was made up of stealth camping and a no-plan kind of ride. It took me 76 days and I covered 4038 miles. I started in Binghamton NY headed west through PA, OH, MI, crossed Lake Michigan on a high speed ferry, WI, MN, SD, WY, CO, back through WY northwest to MO, ID, OR, and then CA riding a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway. Then I took a train back to the East Coast.
    Although I did step into Nebraska just because I was so close to the border along the Lewis and Clark trail in SD but I don’t count that one.
    Then in 2012 I rode from Atlanta GA through AL and into FL.
    So the total so far is 16 states.

    I am so happy I found your Podcast thanks to The Sprocket Podcast! Currently living in Colorado making plans for a 2016 tour maybe adding a couple more states.

    • Tim Mooney says:

      That’s awesome Brian! I want to find the time to do a cross country at some point in the next year or two… one of my favorite rides was the Pacific Coast. There’s something about stringing together a long run like that that’s good for the soul!

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